I woke up today with a strange sense of restlessness, the kind that puts your brain on an alert mode as soon as you come to senses. Without taking a sip of water, let alone the first cup of caffeine induced beverage, I switched on my laptop. As the machine powered up, I looked around, my husband was fast asleep and I could make out the faint outline of our dog sleeping on her bed. It was nearly 8 AM but the hazy sunlight coming in through the thick bedroom drapes indicated an overcast morning – expected, since we are in the peak of monsoons. I turned on the machine, launched Chrome and opened 5 tabs –  LinkedIn, a job website, website to check daily horoscope and Instagram account. The 5th was left as is – my brain had not decided what more it wanted to take on just then. Four months of unemployment and this feeling comes every once in a while. As I updated my LinkedIn profile, refreshed the postings under the job section and skimmed through my horoscope (it said: just because your mood isn’t as strong as you would like it to be doesn’t mean that you should back down…) I had already started my day with anxiety. Dejected from the disappointments of the first 4 tabs and looking for any bit of motivation I typed in ‘patience’ under the 5th tab. Google fired up 100s of search results, almost like it was waiting for a lost soul looking for some guidance. The quote that caught my eye was by Leonard Cohen… Leonard Cohen, my brain tried to piece together that song I was really fond of, actually there were two. Memories of Hallelujah and Suzanne came rushing back and I just had to put them on. I quickly shut down Chrome and opened Spotify to let Cohen lull me back to a relaxed sleep.

Sometimes it’s a quote, a powerful message or a positive sign, other times it’s just escaping into a comforting memory.. whatever makes it easy for you to develop this elusive virtue.

“Don’t dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be.”

— Leonard Cohen

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