8 Books on Kindle Unlimited Worth Reading

Subscribing to Kindle Unlimited is a paradox. At one side you have a collection of amazing books that can be instantly downloaded and read via the Kindle app or on your Kindle device, but on the other end you really need to sort through some pretty average stuff that is on offer.

So far I have read over 20 books on Kindle Unlimited and here are my top 8 finds. I continue to scour through the Amazon store in hopes of finding interesting new ones.

1. Pachinko by Min Jee Lin

I was pleasantly surprised to find this included under Kindle Unlimited. I read the paperback version in 2018 and fell in love with the characters as the story progressed. It’s a beautiful and light read for the rainy days ahead. Written in the third person format, it takes the reader on a journey from Korea to Japan and the evolving emotions of love, jealousy, survival instincts and despair. I cannot recommend this book enough!

2. Animal Farm by George Orwell

Kindle Unlimited is a delight for classic literature lovers. All of the popular classics are included in the bundle, but if you’re the ones who said goodbye to this genre in high school, I would still recommend reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. Touted as one of the must reads novels, this political satire is even more relevant today. With only 100 pages, it is a quick and meaningful read.

3. A River In Darkness: One Man’s Escape from North Korea by Masaji Ishikawa

Many books have been written on deflecting North Korea and the brutal totalitarian regime the country is known for. I found A River In Darkness while browsing through the Amazon store. It is a true account of one man’s life in North Korea and his subsequent escape from his homeland. The books speaks to the reader on so many levels – the hardship, resilience and the undying nature of the human spirit.    

4. Silent Child by Sarah A Denzil

There is no dearth of mystery and thriller books on Kindle Unlimited. The challenge is to really dig deep and find the ones that are worth reading. I have spent many weekends on books that promised a good ending but was such a huge disappointment when it came to the climax. Thankfully, Silent Child was not one of them. Light and easy read, it keeps you hooked on right from the beginning. Watch out for that unexpected ending!

5. Tintin Collection by Herge

I was excited to find that Kindle Unlimited lets you download Tintin and Asterix series. Who doesn’t love a good old comic book? Whether it is the intelligent sleuthing of Thompson and Thomson or the gentle personality of Obelix, once in a while you just need something light and this is perfect for those days.

Note: Graphic novels work better if you have a tablet or smartphone and not so much on a Kindle device.

6. Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

Historical fiction is my go-to genre. I love stories that transport the reader to a different era. Most definitely World War II ranks high on my list of historical fiction. Beneath A Scarlet Sky is a beautiful novel based on a true story of an Italian teenager who plays a courageous role in a war against the Nazis. From helping Jews escape over the treacherous Alps to playing the role of Spy in the German army, this book is packed with suspense, love and history. 

7. A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Finalist for the Pulitzer and Man Booker awards, A Tale For The Time Being is a bold fiction novel that will take the reader on a ride. It’s ambitious, but successfully so and it plays on the mind long after one has finished the book. The concept is a story within a story – one character reads what the other character has written, across time zones and countries. It can be confusing at times, but if you stick with it, it is worth it in the end.

8. Museum of Memories by Amrita 

I picked up Museum of Memories when I was reading a non-fiction science heavy book (Thinking Fast and Slow) It is a collection of short stories and each story can be easily read through in 2-5 mins, perfect for when you just need to unwind with a light read without committing to a full novel. Similar to classic fiction, Kindle Unlimited has many short stories to offer. I would also recommend Sherlock Holmes if you haven’t read that already.

Do you have a favourite book that’s included on Kindle Unlimited? Let me know, I am always looking for suggestions!

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